幸运飞艇怎么选号 幸运飞艇冠军定位的最稳打法 怎么加入幸运飞艇计划群 幸运飞艇杀1码计划 幸运飞艇9码规律 幸运飞艇精准计划8码 幸运飞艇冠军五码计划 全天幸运飞艇单双大小计划 幸运飞艇冠军固定公式 幸运飞艇计划单期


     Ultrasonic generator
     Laboratory and other small
     幸运飞艇预测计划群Single-tank ultrasonic
     Multi-tank ultrasonic
     Magnetic materialsultrasonic
     Strip wire such asultrasonic
     幸运飞艇预测计划群Organic solvent vapor type
     Bearings brake pads industry
     Optical industries
     Fully automatic
     Hanging chain
     Automatic and manual
     Oscillating ultrasonic

    ZHANGJIAGANG SHENGKAI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province Development Zone Tong City, South Village, 2 km from the along the high-speed Zhangjiagang exports, close to Wuxi, near Shanghai, is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta.The transportation is very convenient.

    To clean technology, environmental protection and energy saving, and ultrasonic cleaning machines for the main business, research, design, production, marketing and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company covers an area of over 11,000 square meters, about 2000 square meters of production space and office space. Covers an area of ​​one of the larger enterprises in the same industry, the production of non-standard ultrasonic cleaning machine to get the praise of customers. "Science and technology as the driving force, quality of survival" is the company philosophy, as the administration of enterprises of the Road to the strict management, quality management as the central link of the enterprise management, a comprehensive sales service system. Our products are technologically advanced, well-made, stable quality, safe, reliable, widely used in electrical and electronic industry, optical clocks, glasses industry, chemical fiber industry, the medical device industry, machining industry, the solar photovoltaic industry, automobile industry, lighting industry, metal products industry, petrochemical industry, biological pharmacy and other fields.

    Endless pursuit of communication across borders, the development of recent years, the company has gradually formed a certain scale of small and medium-sized high-tech enterprise.

    Looking ahead, SerCom will focus on the core technology, efforts to improve the platform of talent, capital, management, technology, and continuously improve the core competitiveness and make unremitting efforts toward the international competitiveness of modern business goals, and strive to become well-known brands of ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturing providers.

幸运飞艇怎么选号 幸运飞艇冠军定位的最稳打法 幸运飞艇预测计划群怎么加入幸运飞艇计划群 幸运飞艇杀1码计划 幸运飞艇9码规律 幸运飞艇精准计划8码 幸运飞艇冠军五码计划 幸运飞艇预测计划群全天幸运飞艇单双大小计划 幸运飞艇冠军固定公式 幸运飞艇计划单期

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